Hp Laptop Touchpad Repair

Hp Laptop touchpad repair in Kolkata

Laptop Touchpad is an important part of laptop. So if the touchpad of the laptop does not work, no work can be done on the laptop. We have tried to cover some common ways to solve the problem of effective laptop touchpad. 

Why isn't the HP laptop touchpad working?

There are several reasons why the touchpad of your HP laptop does not work. So you need to know the reasons before you can solve this problem

  1. If the touchpad option is not enabled in the settings of your HP laptop.
  2. the touchpad driver of your HP laptop is not updated.
  3. any hardware issues with your device may cause the touchpad to not work.
  4. your touchpad may have problems if your system driver is not updated.
  5. Mouse drivers may cause problems.
  6. Any third-party application can cause problems with the touchpad on your HP laptop.

How to fix HP laptop touchpad problem

Enable touchpad service through settings on your HP laptop

HP touchpad does not work if touchpad service is disabled. The problem can be easily fixed by activating it. You can follow some procedure to enable it or come to our service center.

Need to update touchpad driver on HP laptop.

Without an updated touchpad driver, HP laptop keyboards and touchpads may not work. So you need to download a driver compatible with your device.

Troubleshoot hardware issues on HP laptops

If your device has a hardware issue, the mouse touchpad may not work. Any hardware issues with the device need to be fixed. You will need to visit any HP Laptop Service Center to resolve the hardware issue.

HP laptops require driver updates

Another cause of HP laptop touchpad problems is if the laptop driver is not updated. So it is very important to keep the driver update of HP laptop.

Reinstall the mouse driver on the HP laptop

If the laptop's touchpad doesn't work, the mouse drivers need to be removed and reinstalled.

Enable the touchpad with the function keys on the HP laptop

Quickly press the "Fn" key along with the "Touchpad" key on your device and the touchpad will be enabled.

If you can't fix the touchpad on your laptop after trying the solution, the touchpad needs to be replaced. In this case, we recommend taking the laptop to our HP Service Center in Kolkata

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