Hp Laptop Hinge Repair

HP Laptop Hinge Repair in Kolkata

A laptop hinge is a type of object that connects the back of your laptop to your laptop, your screen, and the front of your laptop.

If for some reason your hp laptop hinge breaks, you may have problems using the laptop. As a result, you can't open or close your laptop properly.

Why does the laptop hinge break?

The hinges of the laptop are a very soft part and can easily break if you do not take proper care of them.

  • If the laptop is not opened properly, the laptop hinge breaks. So you have to open the laptop properly.
  • Many times we are in a hurry to turn off the laptop which results in pressure on the laptop hinge. Then the laptop hinge may break. You need to turn off your laptop carefully.
  • Sometimes when we are working we bend our laptop too much and so the hinge of our laptop feels pressure which can cause the hinge to break as well.
  • Laptops have a lot of small screws and the hinge can break when one of the screws accidentally falls off.

How to fix laptop screen hinge?

Breaking the hinge of your laptop affects the screen and screen frame of your laptop.

Some steps can be taken to resolve this issue quickly.

  1.  Check your HP laptop thoroughly and separate the laptop. Then unscrew all the screws from your laptop.
  2. When repairing a laptop hinge, you need to remove the battery from the laptop. Then you need to open the screen of your laptop properly.
  3. Faviquick and Araldite laptops are very important for hinge repair. Use it on the hinges of your laptop and place it on parts of your laptop screen where it is broken.

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